Code of Practice

We recommend you

  • Take only what you need
  • Know and respect NZ Fisheries catch and size limits
  • Know and respect the rules of safe boating
  • Respect our marine reserves
  • Consider the safety of yourself and others
  • Show respect and consideration of other marine users
  • Clean your catch away from areas used by other divers, swimmers, and beach users
  • Conduct yourself in a way that encourages others to view your sport favorably
  • Tow a readily visible dive float (Red, Yellow, Orange, 10lts min)
  • Respect the danger of spear guns, ensuring yours is unloaded and the tip covered when out of the water
  • Understand the dangers of hyperventilation
  • Dive within your means and ability (A fish is not worth your life)
  • Tell someone your intentions (Where, When, What, How)
  • Know the weather and tides
  • Use the dive flag
  • Educate young people and others in these codes

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